Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We value our current customers and our future customers. Product quality, customer care and service are our number one priority.

Below see what our customers have to say about the products and services we provide.

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Barbara, Tucson: At Camp Lowell Surgery Center, we care about our staff as well as our patients. When we decided to obtain ergonomic evaluations for our office staff, I wasnít sure what to expect. Teri made it easy, and it was a pleasure to work with her. She took the time to explain her process to me, and to each of the staff members she evaluated. Her written reports were individualized for each person. She was very responsive to questions and promptly answered them all. Her suggestions were all reasonable and very easy to implement. I would highly recommend Teriís services.

Karen Bugg, Proactive Realty, Phoenix: As a repeat customer, I have found Teri to be not only super knowledgeable, and consistent with great customer service, but she is caring. She's top-notch and professional in every aspect of the business. I highly recommend her! Thank you Spinal Care Products & Ergonomic Solutions for my great experiences with your company!

Jeff Saunders, Tucson: Teri has a great selection of ergonomic products, we bought pillows from her and they were extremely popular, the value and the fact she was a local business with very good customer service were the main factors I continue to do business with her. Thank you so much for education and service!

Craig M, Tucson: Having sat in on one of Teriís classes I can tell you she is a wealth of knowledge. Iím one who spends a lot of time at my desk and her understanding, and sharing, of tips and tricks for setting up my workspace better was invaluable. She even followed up the class with an email containing several key take-a-ways.

Have her come evaluate your offices. Your staff will be more comfortable, more productive and happier.

Dr. Greg Miller, Guam: We have been ordering from Spinal Care Products for over 30 years. My orders are always on time and correct. This is very special to me because I live on the island of Guam. Most companies can ship to Guam but don't because it takes a few extra steps. Spinal Care Products makes it easy for us and it is appreciated. I highly recommend this company.

Lilly Mees, Tucson: I have known Teri for about five years. During this time I have had the opportunity to work alongside her. She is very passionate about what she does. I recommend Teri and her company based on her knowledge and skill in ergonomics, her character and professionalism.

Lorraine Genewick LMT, Tucson: We have known Teri for about three years. I would recommend her and her company on all levels of professionalism and great products. We love being able to carry her products in our retail store for our clients.

Dr. Rich Casabona, Tucson: I have ordered from Spinal Care Products for years and my patients love their products. I highly recommend this company.

Johnny Wyatt, CEO The J3 Effect, Tucson: I am honored to recommend Teri. She is an expert in ergonomic assessment. The ergonomic products that her company manufactures deliver amazing much so that the providers who distribute those products come back over and over to order more. Fine product. Fine business. All of those things, but more than that she and her husband are wonderful people of highest integrity and genuine compassion. I highly recommend these folks and their fine company.

Dr. Timothy Holmes, WA State: I have worked with Spinal Care Products for over 15 years and found them to be an exceptional business.